to dream…. to be inspired…. to see what is possible…

I brought my children here to dream …. to experience ….. to be inspired …. to see what was possible …..

We had never stayed anywhere like it before. Normally we’d stay somewhere basic or camp but in 2013 when I was at a conference in Bali I was moved very deeply by the most amazing architecture I’d ever seen or more to the point felt before, in a house called Sharma Springs. I never thought it would be possible to stay in such a house with my children but we did in September 2014 in a house across the way called Sunrise house in the Green Village. We only had three days there but the magic touched all of us. These photos here could never do this place justice. This is a place that you can totally breathe out and nature wraps its arms around you as the outside and inside blend together. There are no windows. 

Why did I want to take my children and my daughter’s boyfriend to stay in the Green Village in a bamboo mushroom house, to visit the Green School and the Bamboo Factory? Well I encourage you to look at the videos in this blog post and you may understand even more as Elora and John Hardy – the founders and designers tell you more. It wasn’t about a luxurious holiday even though this was very grand to us. It was about experiencing something new, to recharge and relax, to inspire creativity, to learn more about sustainability, to see what was possible in the world, to set them dreaming ….. And they did. We all did and continue to talk about it over and over again. It was definitely one of the most amazing experiences of 2014 for us all.
(We also visited other places in Bali on our ten day holiday and I will blog about that another time) 

“We make beauty, value and connection out of a weed that grows in our back yard. These buildings are a promise to our children, they promise abundance, they inspire innovation.” Elora Hardy, TEDxUbud 2014. 

We stayed in the house on the top right hand side. You can’t quite see it all here as it’s hidden by the trees below.
This photo is taken from Sharma Springs house.

The entrance to our house – Sunrise House

Jaiman’s room

I couldn’t wait to try this copper bath out in my room

We loved having no windows and  open to nature and the sound of the river running below and so many other sounds

“We ask the bamboo, ‘Bamboo what are you good at? What do you want to be?’.
The bamboo replies, ‘Respect me, protect me from water and make the most of my quirks.’” 

Elora Hardy, TEDxUbud 2014. 

Kitchen and toilet pod

TV pod – but I think Tom was the only one that used this for a short while to watch some sport

We looked straight across to Sharma Springs – where I first fell in love with these bamboo mushroom houses on a tour in 2013

Communal spring fed pool

Jamile and Tom’s room downstairs

Breakfast is served

We all had massages one day and Jamile also had her nails painted.
It was a little luxury that we all had and for the kids it was their first massage.

Our friend Emma who lives in Bali now (originally from our town) stayed with us for a night.

Our friend Jeremy got to stop by for a little visit. He was visiting Bali from the U.S

I wanted the kids to see the Green School that I had spoken to them about a lot especially as Jamile is interested in becoming a teacher so I knew she would be interested in visiting here and their approach to schooling would be something she would definitely love. We have two lots of friends who now live in Bali so their children can attend Green School. Of course I would have loved my kids to go here but that was not possible so at the end of the tour we donated money towards someone else being able to experience this, someone from the Balinese community. These photos are just a tiny tiny snippet taken during a tour we took. I had only visited briefly in 2013 so it was great to see more of it this time round. It was really inspiring. We also visited the Bamboo Factory and Sharma Springs but were not allowed to take photos there.
I encourage you to watch this TED talk as John Hardy talks about the the greenest school on earth

John Hardy founder of the Green School himself gets to tell us about the Vortex

Heart of school, Green School

Sunrise one morning

“Feeling a little bit of cold air kiss my arms and face I realise it is morning . I rub my eyes and turn towards to the soft light coming through the beautiful white muslin that surrounds my bed. I finally focus my eyes and draw the muslin back and am reminded of where I am. Tingles fill my whole body, my whole being. Looking out from my honey coloured bamboo windowless bedroom I see a glow on the otherside. The sun is rising slowly over the hill above the palm trees that look like fingers stretching out wide to wake up too and play with the sunlight in their hands. The sound of roosters and other birds echo through the valley but the waters rushing in the river below are the loudest most powerful song most of all. They sound so deep and alive and refreshing. I must take a walk down there today. But for now I keep resting for on my pillow in bed trying to take it all in as the bird song around me builds up stronger.
How can this be real? this magical open aired bamboo masterpiece they call sunrise house, this incredible landscape to wake up to, this amazing experience that my children and I are sharing. Surely I am dreaming ….. but I don’t think I am We are sooooo very blessed “

Our pool

“Step by step I go slowly lifting each foot little bit by little bit enjoying the feeling of the ribbed bamboo floor before I head outside. Moving out into the warmth I close my eyes and feel a breeze ever so gently touching my face. It is so nuturing, a few tears well in my eyes but I keep them closed. I move my face slowly in the breeze, and breathe out……. Across the skinny bridge I go – they say I shouldn’t go over there as it might not be strong enough but I an still drawn to try. I feel with my feet strong beams below and trust it will be ok. I hold the wobbly sides and cross carefully. There is a little bamboo platform I climb on top and look around…… Can this place get anymore beautiful? Below me I see a river surrounded by deep green forest, some plants grow up, some grow out, some are bending down by the weight of the long long leaves and wave in the breeze. The waters move towards me gently with tiny little ripples, then faster with many more patterns snaking towards to the shore, then the force is too great and the water smoothes again as it is pulled over the rocks. Making a much deeper sound, almost drowning out the songs of the crickets, roosters and birds – but not quite. Suddenly the crickets get louder, I think they truly do want to be heard. I see long skinny yellow leaves lying back in the sun carried in the waters. I sit and wonder where they will go and what will they see on their journey in the valley today……”

I decided to have breakfast in the bath

And Jaiman decided to try my bath out too

The people at Green Village were so very welcoming and friendly and we very very much dream of returning someday. A bigger dream of course would be to actually live there. It was exciting seeing a group of people there making their bamboo models for their own house. I stood there dreaming about living there or having a place like this someday. There really is nothing quite like it. It still seems like a dream. Even when the kids and I talk about it our eyes have that dreamy look as if to say, “Was that really real?”

Thank you Elora Hardy for dreaming about mushroom houses and building them in a village, a community for some to live in and others to come stay for awhile and dream in, learn about sustainability and be inspired by. 

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